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29th August 2019

Granny's 1950s Style part two

Alice (my grandma) was the person who taught me to knit and when she passed away I inherited her treasure trove of knitting patterns along with her glorious button tin full of buttons snipped from old garments, another ‘waste not want not trick’ of hers. Leafing through her favoured knitting patterns I could see where she got her style.
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28th August 2019

Erika Knight: 'Why I created Studio Linen'

I wanted to design a yarn for the Erika Knight collection that would work in both knit and crochet for more lightweight summer-style garments. So when designing Studio Linen a good stitch definition and an elegant drape were my main objectives.
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15th August 2019

Granny's 1950s Style part one

Visiting my grandmother’s house as a child was always a pure delight; other people’s houses, particularly grandmothers, and the possessions therein were always so much more interesting and exciting than anything we had at home. While the adults would chat over cups of tea and homemade cake I would squirrel myself away in her bedroom to explore her treasures.
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