The Top 10 British Foods To Try Before You Die

The British vernacular is a cross-section of modern English, with several dialects. It is spoken in England, the Wales and Northern Ireland.

In this section we will discuss the history of the British vernacular and its dialects.

British culture is a rich and diverse tapestry of customs and traditions. As the UK’s second largest island, England has a population of over 53 million people and is subdivided into:

The British are well known for their politeness. The British are also known to be very polite with foreign visitors, it is something that they take pride in. They will always say hello and ask how you are doing.

The English language has many words that may seem like similar words but they actually have different meanings. The following sentence contains two examples of these confusing words:

‘I am going to London tomorrow.’ vs ‘I am going to the theatre tomorrow.’